An arcade game where you control a moving spaceship to destroy enemies
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Astrobatics is a space arcade game where you get control of a high speed space fighter with lots of enemies inside a moving scenario.
The goal of the game is the same as any other shooting arcade: to destroy as many enemies as possible, and collect all the weapons available during the mission.

It has some basic controls for music, and sounds volume, and other game options (like mouse or keyboard configurations) .There are a lot of different enemies and weapons available. Those weapons include homing missiles, mines, laser, and shields. It is easy to learn and start playing with, and the missions are hard enough to keep your interest. Graphics are ok, and the soundtrack is like any other.

I had a good time playing Astrobatics and recommend it to those who enjoy simple and fast games with easy controls. You can get a free 60 minutes trial from the publisher's site to test it and decide if you want to buy it.

This program is compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP Operating Systems, not available for Mac.

Daniel Verdesoto
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